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Sketches (Uncolored)
^^ These are any digital sketches without colors added (not counting gradients, simple things added for contrast, etc.) for points. This is for any one sketch, but like the third example here it can be a simple sketch with a small internal view added and still count as a single commission. 

Please be sure to check the list below to see if your idea is something I will draw. ^w^

Themes Accepted:
-Non-fatal Vore
-Stuffing and Feeding
-Gentle/Non-Fatal Hard Vore
-Soft Constriction
-Any Species Pred or Prey
-Any Gender Pred or Prey
-Range of Friendliness from "Comfort Noms" to Disciplinary or Entrapment vore (NON-FATAL ONLY, even with the salty ones XD)
-Same-Same to Macro/Micro (no prey-larger-than-pred though ^^;)
-Gentle G/t or Macro/Micro art
-Cardiophilia and Endo Exploration/Appreciation
-Chubby characters/BBW/Fat and Belly love
-Soft Vampirism (i.e., non-fatal blood-suckin' thingies XD)

Most things not mentioned here are off-limits. If you have a question about it note me about it and I'll let you know. ^w^

*Art made for you MAY be reposted by you! HOWEVER--
*Note: Please do not repost my commissions made for you with fatal or implied-fatal contexts. That's not what you asked for, and it's not what you got! Don't be a disrespectful sneak! :p
Sketches (Colored)
^w^ This option is like the above one but with complete color and an optional simple background added. Can also include a small internal for no extra points.

As with all commissions, check my list of accepted themes above before commissioning. ^w^



^^ I've been loving the streams the past two days... they're really great to help me get some consistent drawing practice! 

I'm going to stream again tomorrow but with a specifically vore and G/t theme. ^w^
^u^ I think it's time for a massive drawing spree to try and catch up on all kinds of unfinished projects. 
-_- Every time I do Trust Vore.

Every. Time.

Someone, somewhere, always shows up to smirk their betrayal-centric misinterpretation on it. 

Every time. Seriously, how do so many people come to the conclusion that the vore part of Trust Vore stuff is a betrayal??? C'mon... who hurt you, random-people-who-have-done-this..? Who hurt you..?

I am so confused as to why this always happens. Why so common? D8>
^u^; Would it annoy people if I put just more of my weird shipping stuff and "normal" weird stuff on here? XD Since I have gotten more open on my main about liking endo and vore I have occasionally wondered about that... well, the original purpose of this account was "have a place to submit the clean noms stuff without it being directly connected to me", and since secrecy isn't a problem anymore... why not have it become a "this is the account for really niche stuff" in tandem with main account being "everything 'normal' but also a bit of niche if it's good". 

Just a wonder. ^u^ Feeling out if I've got a non-annoying idea here. 

EDIT: Nevermind! I've just realized it's probably a bad idea. ^^;
Sorry guys... I'm back in a sad cycle. Probably won't be drawing or posting much for a bit.


SpidersVore's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Other
United States
:iconhungrylaplz: *The Official Vore Account of SpiderM.* :iconhungrylaplz:

I take points commissions and Paypal commissions for all things soft-vore, oral vore, and nommish, so long as it does not break the community rules. ;)

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe!

Vorepredstamp by trickypup Roleplaying is not a crime by kitty-eared-girl Endosomatophilia Stamp by Artemis-Platinum Soft Vore Stamp by Lentertament Non-Sexual Vore [Stamp] by FrukandTea Stamp- Vore Lovers by Fyuvix Pervy Mind Stamp by Lentertament :thumb74704796: Pro Teratophilia Stamp by ArrhythmiaNyx Use Them Proper Pronouns/Names They've Chosen by endler For Those in the Community or Those Supporting by endler :thumb431106650: Monthly Event February - Asexual by Tea-Strawberry Neutral Pronouns, Please by Rainbow-Reverse Asexual with pervy mind - stamp by Angi-Shy Panromantic Stamp by qnerdi Asexual Pirate Stamp by Eckilsax DA Stamp - Male Pairings 01 by tppgraphics I love Yaoi Stamp by Xx-Jinouchi-xX STAMP: You Don't Say? by Emotikonz bellys gonna get ya stamp by Kezel-stamps Stuffing Stamp by The-Violet-Shinitato :thumb125027903: Heart Naga stamp by popcorncomics pastel grunge and ready to fight by VCR-WOLFE soft goth and ready to WIN by VCR-WOLFE OC Stamp by ChibiGem My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27

:iconcrazysoloplz: Oh geez! I have a Vore Group now!! :iconthefriendlyvoregroup: :iconcrazysoloplz:

Gonna start streaming nommish and G/t drawings in just a few minutes. ^w^


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DohvaBot Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Emoticon: Hug thank you for the kind words on my journal about Bubba, it meant a lot. 
SpidersVore Featured By Owner 58 minutes ago  Professional Artist
^u^ You're always welcome. :hug: 
OmegaTheSajin Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
SpidersVore Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Artist
:? No what?

If you're one of those people who hates vore and endosoma... maybe don't linger on pages that post it? :/ 
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
I hope your next pictures involve Arcee and Airachnid
Animeria Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017
Good afternoon, how are you?

I just noticed two new Transformers pics and they look very cool.  I also am curious to see more of your Starscream vore comic and wonder what'll happened next?  Still will Starscream even try to do it again the next time without getting caught??
Missstorywriter10289 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Student General Artist
SpidersVore Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Professional Artist
:iconglompplz: ^u^ Yas, all the hugs!~
Animeria Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
Good morning, how are you feeling today and how are things going?  I came to check up on you and hope your doing okay, did you also liked the vore idea of Bumblebee?  I'm just curious to say :3
SpidersVore Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Professional Artist
:D Morning! XD Or evening. 

I'm doing alright. ^u^ I read your note and I'm starting to doodle around based on that idea. It might end up showing up in the form of a comic or a few drawings. 
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